Active Projects

Updated Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Due Oct. 12

Voting Rights - Human Rights

Video campaign combining historic voting rights/human rights speeches with modern images of social injustice.

Happening Oct. 13

Story Circle:
38105 VOICE Development Concerns

CU-facilitated break-out story circles for residents of the Medical District on concerns about upcoming development plans.

Due Oct. 23

Music Video:
The New 48 (Love My City)

Re-production of May 1, 2020 Creative Challenge video (link to original video:

Happening Oct. 25

Content Creation-Workshop:
Story Poems for TTSO Video

Half-day workshop on October 25th. Writers/poets/lyricists will create "Celebrating My Memphis Stories" for the TTSO music video and other segments of the December 11th annual production.

Due Oct. 30

Music Video:
Telling the Stories Of

6-8 minute music video of CU's signature storytelling device.

IN-STUDIO Captures:

  • TTSO hook (group of 12-15 + close-ups of individual artists)

  • “Stories” in the form of original poetry (4+ members)

  • "Stories" in the form of rap/cypher with djembe (4+ members)

  • TTSO/M.E.M.P.H.I.S. mash up


  • Socially Distanced/Selfie/Zoom TTSO videos

  • Dance & Memphis Landmarks

Due Nov. 15

Content Creation:
Community Stories

Artistic interpretations of stories representing six communities (Binghampton, Medical District, North Memphis, Orange Mound, South Memphis & Whitehaven); CTC Organizers; CU Fellows; YouthVOICE; and shared space partners at The Commons on Merton. (to be incorporated into the Dec. 11th virtual production.

Happening Dec. 11

Virtual Event:
Annual Production

Virtual concert/community gathering celebrating healthy community life and values. Stories 1) Binghampton, 2) Medical District, 3) North Memphis, 4) Orange Mound, 5) South Memphis, 6) Whitehaven, 7) CU Fellows, 8) CTC Connectors, 9) YouthVOICE, 10) Shared Space Partners at The Commons on Merton