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Creative Underground is a collaborative of artists organized by Center for Transforming Communities in Memphis, TN.

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Creative Underground is a community of artists and creatives, ages 18 and over, at all skill and experience levels, in many forms of art and culture. We are vocalists, musicians, rappers, storytellers, dancers, steppers, jookers, spokenword poets, actors, visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers and more. There are no special requirements for “membership.” Interested in CU, but not sure where to start? Click here to request a personal introduction and learn about our current projects.

CU Fridays, 5 to 7pm

CU Fridays are where it all begins. From 5 to 7p every week, we fellowship, workshop, and collaborate to create art and tell stories that reflect our communities, here and now.


Community Engagement

From story circles to community meetings, to block parties, virtual concerts, and organizing campaigns, CU members stay connected to communities and support work that makes communities stronger. Let us know if you'd like to come create with us or if you'd like Creative Underground to support what's happening where you live.

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Ask a question, make an introduction, let us know what innovative, socially-engaged art projects you're working on!

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About CU

Creative Underground [CU] is a community of artists organized by Center for Transforming Communities, a 501c3 nonprofit in Memphis, TN. We're developing talented, community-minded artists into a network of creative leaders who use the arts and storytelling as strategies for social change and imagining the future.

CU members work alongside community organizers to create public storytelling experiences, flash mobs, community performances, and multimedia information and social change campaigns in neighborhoods around Memphis.

Our form of  "cultural organizing" is one way for more people to be involved in the movement for justice. More People = More Power

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